"I couldn't believe the quality. This (Bucket Ape) was stronger than the bucket I was putting it in!" - William Bush - Aug 2010 Winner

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Dear Bucket Ape,

So I liked your product last night so much when I used it I wrote my first Amazon review (as that’s where I found it in the first place, and where others are likely to find it) Below is what I wrote in case you want to use it anywhere on your site.


So I bought the bucket ape about 2 months ago in anticipation of my tile project. I found this on Amazon via Listmania. I used this last night for my grout job and it is a fantastic product. When I did tile with my dad 10 years ago I had to haul buckets back and forth for him while he did the grout stuff. That was a lot of work continuously filling up the 5 gallon bucket and hauling the 2 of them back and forth.   And after the second "washing" of the sponge, it never really got clean. This product takes care of all of that. If you don’t want to have your wife haul your buckets back and forth, this is a great investment.

Installation (If you buy the bare kit as I did). Easy, takes about 1 minute once you find your hole saw. Hand tight is all you need.

Setup - It helps a lot if the drain hose is as flat and short as possible. I used a 25 ft hose this helped as my 150 ft hose was too long/swirled around to work effectively. The entire hose needs to be lower than the bottom of the bucket ape to work effectively.

Usage - If you want to run higher flow rates, without the need for there 2 hose outlet version, put the bucket on a stool or something, this generates more head/outlet pressure. I ran around 2-3 GPM for my tile job this seemed about the right amount of water for my working speed as a non-professional tile guy.

In short this works great, and is well worth the price.