"Having used it, if I saw someone staring at it in the store, I'd tell them to buy it." - John Ft Lauderdale FL

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The "Bucket List"...

Ask yourself, "What makes the best grout cleanup system?"

The Old (trusty) Five Gallon Bucket

Five Gallon Bucket

  • Weighs 40-50 lbs
  • The most inefficient!
  • Water gets dirtier with every use
  • Requires changing water out
  • Wastes time to get clean water
  • Cheap and easily available
Grout Buckets - They roll around but offer nothing more

Grout Bucket

  • Expensive for not much more features than a 5 gallon bucket with wheels.
  • Weighs even more than a bucket (40-65 lbs)
  • Still requires lifting
  • Water gets dirtier with use and requires change out
  • Benefit - It has a sponge rinse with rollers for hard sponges.

Evolution happens

Bucket Ape

  • Has all the best features of current products PLUS more
  • Eliminates haze, you're never attempting to clean with dirty water 
  • Weighs 10-15 lbs during use
  • With fresh water available, you can even mix your thinset/grout right on the spot where you need it.
  • Operates between 0.4 - 6 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • More than 80% of grout drains down the hose
  • Unlike other manufacturers when they say 50% off of cleanup time, they don't count the wasted time changing out the water. With the Bucket Ape system, you save up to 62% of your cleanup time from START to FINISH
  • Cleans hard sponges
  • You spend all your time cleaning, not walking
  • Less than 2 minute setup
  • Cheaper (Half the cost of the cheapest grout cart)
  • Reuses products to keep them out of the landfill
  • Makes you the Bucket Boss, instead of the Bucket Slave