"Bucket Ape allowed me to do the job myself instead of having to hire someone... very self rewarding" - Bill Atlanta GA

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Being a Bucket Ape distributor gives you two major benefits, the first is that it opens up a new stream of revenue for a previous untapped market helping you grow sales.  Nothing on the DIY'er market provides the Bucket Ape’s capabilities and nothing on the commercial market can touch the Bucket Ape’s benefit to cost ratio.  You can lower your expenses with our product line versus other grout cleanup options, and also with our Just In Time inventory management.  The second major benefit is when Bucket Ape is teamed with your own five gallon bucket with your logo.  This combination provides an advertising billboard that is centered in the middle of your target audience all the time.  The ability to have your advertisement repeatedly acknowledged and looked at is lucrative.  

Bucket Apes sell best when you can interact with the customer and can verbally explain the benefits of the system.  As such, we have developed two kits to help our distributors.  While the initial kit is optional, (i.e., you can simply order the Follow Up Kit) we created the initial kit as a convenience to our distibutors to provide for an out-of-the-box "display."

Overview of the Bucket Ape Distributor Model - Click to Enlarge

The optional Initial Kit consists of 10 Bucket Apes, 10 Garden hose connectors, and a premium bucket with one of the Garden hose connectors already mounted.  The Initial Kit is intended to provide you with a display to market the Bucket Apes.  After the inital kit is exhausted, restocking with Bucket Apes is acheived with the Follow Up kit.  The Follow Up kit consists of 20 Bucket Apes and 20 of the Garden Hose Connectors. (i.e., No Bucket) 

Of course, there are multiple other options to suit whatever your needs are, these kits are provided simply as a convenience item.  We can even source the five gallon buckets.  Volume discounts apply, so call Rob at (850) 381-1211 to discuss your options.

Inventory management: Bucket Ape was designed to minimize storage footprint so both kits come packaged in the same 12"x12"x24" box.  You can allocate one spot for Bucket Apes in your inventory and you never have to worry with thinking about it again.  With convenient 24/7 ordering via this webpage and same day shipping, you can manage your inventory in a Just-In-Time (JIT) manner.


Initial Distributor Kit for Bucket Ape - Click to Enlarge

Inital Kit

10 Bucket Apes

1 Premium Bucket

10 Garden Hose Connectors

Follow Up Distributor Kit for Bucket Ape - Click to Enlarge

Follow Up Kit

20 Bucket Apes

20 Garden Hose Connectors

 If you would like to become a distributor and open a new channel of revenue, contact Rob directly at (850) 381-1211 to discuss options.