"Now I don't have to hump the bucket [laughter]" - Brenda Lynn Haven FL

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Bucket Ape is proudly made in the USA 


Bucket Ape Benefits for Professionals
  1. Bucket Ape costs less than 5% of the cheapest comparable commercial equipment.  That's a 95% savings for the same function.
  2. Higher profits by:
    • More efficient cleaning
    • No wasted time walking buckets
    • Improved worker's morale - Many businesses are enacting pay freezes so if you can't afford a raise for your workers then can you afford to not give them something that makes their job significantly easier?
  3. Lower expenses.  In today's economy, making the most of your resources is essential.  Do you really want to be paying someone to haul buckets of water?  Get them to cleaning and get done quicker.
  4. Less exhaustion from not having to lift 40 lbs over and over.
  5. Less risk of injury from hauling the buckets in and out.  (back, shoulder, and trip injuries)
  6. Less risk of injury means fewer worker's comp claims to get frustrated with.
  7. No more job delays from injured workers.
  8. No more spill accidents to waste time on.
  9. Less back and knee pain and inflammation.
  10. Our PROFESSIONAL commitment to you - Simply send us a copy of your company's letterhead at purchase and try the Bucket Ape for 30 days.  If you don't agree you're getting much better results, return it for a complete purchase price refund.  (shipping not included)

Protect your Knees with bucket ape Protect your back with bucket ape