"In short this works great, and is well worth the price."  See the rest of Tim's Amazon review here.  Thanks Tim for the great feedback! 

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Our products are proudly

Bucket Ape is proudly made in the USA 


As featured on Fox News


Works hard and fast, so you don't have to!


If you've ever tiled before, you know the exhausting, boring, and unpleasant task of grouting!  It only makes sense to get through this painful task as quickly as possible.  Bucket Ape does for the tile installation industry, what the air nailer did for the construction industry!  It is the world's only continuous grout cart and weighs only 15 lbs.  It automates 80% of the grouting process and saves you 40%-62% of the time it would normally take you during grout cleaning.   It is perfect for the extra cleaning requirements for the newer urethane or "epoxy" grouts, making installation of these products effortless.  


Bucket Ape in use

Imagine no more back pain from hauling 45 lbs or more, or knee pain from having to get up and down numerous times to change out your dirty water.  Getting done in less than half the time frees up time to do more of the things you enjoy.  (However if you enjoy cleaning grout, then you won't be satisfied with our products.)


With the help of two garden hoses you always have clean water every time you rinse your sponge.  Now you don't have to try and clean with "dirty" water.  One hose provides you clean water, and another hose drains all the dirty water and grout outside to where you would normally dump your cleaning water. 


Water usage with the Bucket Ape is comparable to traditional cleaning methods, even though it is a continuous process, because of its speed and efficiency.  With more than one cleaner, water usage is reduced when compared with other methods.  Respecting and protecting our environment is a vital part of our philosophy.


 Also see our Professional 30 day guarantee!  




What could you do with nearly 15 extra minutes for every 50 sq ft?






The "Bucket List"...

Ask yourself, "What makes the best grout cleanup system?"

The Old (trusty) Five Gallon Bucket

Five Gallon Bucket

  • Weighs 40-50 lbs
  • The most inefficient!
  • Water gets dirtier with every use
  • Requires changing water out
  • Wastes time to get clean water
  • Cheap and easily available
Grout Buckets - They roll around but offer nothing more

Grout Bucket

  • Expensive for not much more features than a 5 gallon bucket with wheels.
  • Weighs even more than a bucket (40-65 lbs)
  • Still requires lifting
  • Water gets dirtier with use and requires change out
  • Benefit - It has a sponge rinse with rollers for hard sponges.

Evolution happens

Bucket Ape

  • Has all the best features of current products PLUS more
  • Eliminates haze, you're never attempting to clean with dirty water 
  • Weighs 10-15 lbs during use
  • With fresh water available, you can even mix your thinset/grout right on the spot where you need it.
  • Operates between 0.4 - 6 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • More than 80% of grout drains down the hose
  • Unlike other manufacturers when they say 50% off of cleanup time, they don't count the wasted time changing out the water. With the Bucket Ape system, you save up to 62% of your cleanup time from START to FINISH
  • Cleans hard sponges
  • You spend all your time cleaning, not walking
  • Less than 2 minute setup
  • Cheaper (Half the cost of the cheapest grout cart)
  • Reuses products to keep them out of the landfill
  • Makes you the Bucket Boss, instead of the Bucket Slave



Bucket Ape's features are what makes the difference.


While simple in appearance, Bucket Ape was designed by a team of engineers from Georgia Tech and Florida State University and it includes "bucket loads" of engineering. (click picture to enlarge)

The Engineering behind Bucket Ape